Mary Ellen Croteau & Ayala Leyser

Mary Ellen Croteau born 1950 in Chicago, USA. Lives and works in Chicago, USA. Ayala Leyser born 1945 in Jerusalem, Israel. Lives and works in Chicago, USA.


Planet Blue

Assemblage made of salvaged materials and plastic waste

The installation consists of a mermaid on a mound of plastic garbage, recovered from Örebro. It is made of of largely reclaimed trash, including CDs, cassette tape and plastic bags. Leyser and Croteau collaborate for the first time, raising their concerns for the state of the world’s oceans in a whimsical installation.

Mary Ellen Croteau: Artist Statement

Mary Ellen Croteau makes artwork which comments on the state of our environment. She has been working with non-recycled plastic waste since 2003, creating images of ocean waste as well as human visages with the colorful trash.

Ayala Leyster: Artist Statement

Ayala Leyser is a self-taught artist whose work is whimsical and political. She uses imagined figures as hyperboles for the human condition.