Magdalena Eriksson

Born 1963 in Västerås, Sweden. Lives and works in Vintrosa, Sweden.

27 Magdalena Eriksson

I was born (in each new sentence)

Oil on canvas. Printed on plastic decals; 1.30 m - 1.20 m

I chose a place that I like very much.
Two display windows I myself look into quite often.
I am regarding my works as open books. Picture and text.
I want to know if it is possible to read standing in the street. If reading will be different then. What if someone stands behind while I am reading?
The intimate room in the public space.

Artist Statement

The human mind is what interests me. What are we doing, what is really going on?
I want to expose the underlying processes that affect our lives.
I am observing situations, meetings with people and myself, into some kind of modern tales.
The frequent animals and flowers in my world of pictures tell about my experiences of life.
Usually I spend long time with my paintings, years, it is possible to see many lines, like tree rings.
The purpose of my artistry is to create meaning and to explore.
Disassembling and putting together again.
My tools are painting, drawing and writing I am using the technique that is suitable for the issue.