Lilian Bourgeat

Born in 1970 in Saint-Claude, France. Lives and works in Dijon, France


Park Bench

Park Bench is a large-scale sculpture, 2,5 times the size of an ordinary bench. The function of the bench, a common object that usually passes unnoticed in the city, is to accommodate the need to sit and relax, while the focus is on the surrounding environment. When its proportions are enlarged, the bench becomes acknowledged as a unique entity in the cityscape, challenging the viewer’s perspective on the object and switching the focus from the surrounding environment to the sitting object itself.

In this special relation between the artwork and the viewer, the landscape has an important role: it functions as a theater that provides the physical settings of the surrounding environment, where new spatial proportions can be determined in relation to the bench. The gigantic size transforms a park bench into a monument and gives viewers the possibility to observe the world from a new perspective.

Artist Statement

Lilian Bourgeat’s work is characterized by a constant search for play and interaction between art and viewer. The artist brings a pinch of subtle humor into our everyday life by enlarging day-to-day objects. His sculptural works attract the viewer with their playfulness, while at the same time they create confusion through their oversized format.

By making the reference points blurry, Bourgeat raises questions about the relationship between art and the real world, as well as the relationship between representation and perception.