220 x 150 x 90 cm, custom made box, rear projection, video installation

The video installation ”Wutbürger“ deals with the personal anger and individual failure of a German man. The protagonist, Stefan W. (an “Everyman”), lives through different stages of his life in retrospective, which finally casts him into a hostile present, that becomes a prison with no way back.

In a custom-built wooden box, a five-hour performance was recorded and is now exhibited in exactly this box (rear projection) again. During a guerrilla intervention tour through Germany, the box was placed in front of typical locations carrying a collective “Wutbürger potential” (nuclear power plants, capitalism, NSA scandal), but also containing elements of personal anger, like hedonism, boring suburbs, neglect. The box acts as a demonstration and protesting surrogate for everybody.

In Germany, “Wutbürger” are people who share a common feeling of disappointment about politics and who manifest anger through public demonstrations. The people’s anger is directed to a collective target. But what about the singular “Wutbürger”? The individual anger and disappointment of an individual? The individual anger and disappointment of any of us? What if one´s life is ruled by the feelings of frustration and powerlessness? What happens when a single man suddenly directs all this anger at himself?

Artist Statement

Andreas Lutz (*1981) is a German engineer and media artist from Freiburg i. Br. He lives and works in Berlin. Christoph Grünberger (*1975) is a German illustrator and designer from Munich, where he still lives and works. Together they are KASUGA, an interdisciplinary studio, which is active in the experimental field of design, interaction and sound. The spectrum of their work ranges from installations for and with spaces, soundscapes, reactive objects and audio-visual experiences. Self-initiated, discipline-spanning concepts and the development of applied techniques are just as important as the artistic confrontation and transcription with social issues.