Johanna Byström Sims & Jim Sims

Jim Sims born 1971 in Fort Myers, USA. Lives and works in Sala, Sweden. Johanna Byström Sims born 1971 in Sala, Sweden. Lives and works in Sala, Sweden.



Wood, electronics, audio; 50 bird houses of varying size

A cluster of birdhouses are attached to a lamp post in a city square. There are many birdhouses, one on top of the other, forming an abstract mass that grows unchecked. This homogenic grouping continues to grow, spreading like spores to the surrounding environment. On a tree close to the lamp post another cluster of birdhouses is connected. The houses in this gathering are fewer and the configuration has a different overall shape. There is sound emanating from the smaller structure. It is the sound of growth.

Artist statement

In our joint work, as well as in our individual art practices, we are concerned with the meeting point between urban development and biological mechanisms. Growth happens and will keep happening despite our desire to control the development. How does the natural world influence man made environments and what impact does human activity have on the natural world? Are we working counter to nature or are we a force of nature? Who is in control?