Johan Suneson

Born 1963 in Västan­fors, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden


Elephants, Flamingos

The animal sculptures consist of incomplete bodies, where visitors can step in and replace the parts that are missing. In this way one can merge with the animals, and for a moment change his or her perspective. The exotic animals are sculptured in a round style, reminiscent of animated interpretations or soft toys. They constitute a comment on empathizing with things, but they also an association with play.

Artist Statement

In art, there is freedom and fantasy. Art is a part of reality. It can be a statement and an invitation. It can arouse the viewer’s memories or lead to speculation. I want my sculptures and paintings to look homemade and strange. I want the viewer to feel that there are different ways of looking at things. It is good if art can remind us that perspectives can and will differ.