Jean Luc Cornec

Born 1955 in Lannilis, France. Lives and works in Heidel­berg, Germany.


All in Heaven

Aluminum, steel; 4,40m x 2,80m

All in Heaven shows the portraits of two couples searching for eye contact. These portraits are the result of a collage of separate elements of different people – the nose of one, the hairstyle of another. The transfer of this patchwork to a graffiti-like stencil leads us to believe we recognize someone we know. The crossing of the two panels transforms the flat images into a three-dimensional sculpture.

The sculpture narrates the beginning of relationships, when it is still unclear what the constellation will be. Wherever the sculpture is realized, indoors or outdoors, with sunlight or artificial light, it will integrate the different light conditions provided by the surrounding environment. The reflecting surface of the water underlines the weightlessness of the piece and reinforces the kaleidoscopic effect of human relations.

The sculpture only unfolds its full impact outdoors, where, depending on the position of the sun, the projected shadows take different dynamic shapes and develop their own poetry.

Artist Statement

My artistic approach is merely playful and the result of it is often humorous. I combine elements in a new way and fit elements together like puzzle pieces. I create and counterbalance pairs and opposite pairs and I sculpturally transpose the change of perspective between positive and negative.