Ida Rödén

Born 1981 in Härnösand, Sweden. Lives and works in Stock­holm, Sweden.


Cellar in the Attic

Photography, each 25.5x20 cm. 56 photos in total.

Cellar in the Attic has clear references to the Sarah Winchester house in California. The house is today a tourist attraction presenting the most exaggerated stories. The Winchester house has undeniably an unusual labyrinthine architecture, but it was the 1906 earthquake that gave it its ghostly character. Instead of tearing the house down, Sarah Wincester showed no hesitation to preserve the original architecture of the house. She manically added floors, rooms and additional wings. According to the legend, she believed that all the spirits of the people killed by a Winchester rifle – the same rifle that brought her riches – haunted her and forced her to continue working.

It is with the idea of fictionalized stories that I started to explore my surroundings. When I was a resident of the small hamlet of Wassaic, New York, I wanted to capture a sense of captivity and entrapment of time. I started to seal all doors, windows and stairs, creating rooms with no possible route of escape.

Artist Statement

Ida Rödén is an interdisciplinary artist who uses manipulated photography, drawing and creative writing to emphasize the impossibility of reproducing a truthful story. In her staged realities, she wants to deceive the ones who choose to see life too simplistic. Her projects have included staged archaeological excavations, non-existing museum collections, redesigned existing periodicals, as well as a large number of manipulated photographs and text documents.