Erik Ravelo

Born 1978 in Havana, Cuba. Lives and works in Treviso, Italy.


The Untouchables

Seven panels in sandwich pvc; depth 1 cm, dimension 180 x 128, 5 cm four-color printing

The Untouchables by Erik Ravelo is a campaign that raises awareness on the right to childhood and the factors that threaten it. Several photos depict the main issues threatening the basic dignity of children around the world: pedophilia inside religious walls, sex tourism, the civil war in Syria, free circulation of firearms, organ trafficking, obesity and nuclear pollution.

The artwork recreates the image of the cross and juxtaposes the victim and the abuser. The abuser – a threatening-looking adult (a priest, a soldier or a nuclear engineer, among others) takes the shape of a cross, and the victim – the child, is crucified on his back. The controversial choice of the cross was intended to depict both the pain carried by the victims and the factors affecting their childhood. The word “untouchables” refers to those who must be protected (the children) and those who remain unprosecuted (the abusers).

Artist Statement

Cuban artist Eric Ravelo is currently a Creative Director for Fabrica and the author of numerous social campaigns for clients such as the Benetton Group, The United Nations, The World Health Organization, The Guardian and Reporters Without Borders.

His work has been published in the international press and showcased in important exhibitions, including the Venice Art Biennial (2011), Artefiera (2014), Miart (2013), and Fabrica: Les Yeux Ouverts (2006) in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou in Paris.