Elina Rantasuo

Born 1987 in Helsinki, Finland. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.



Stop motion animation, synchronized 4 channel projection, full hd, loop, stereo. Sound by Lauri Ainala.

A river is flowing around the room surrounding the viewer. In the river, spineless figures are floating, disappearing every now and then. In the animation the perspective floats between the top and the bottom, inside and outside. River is a poetic image of letting go. Do we have the courage to choose our own paths and have faith in ourselves, or will we rather just follow the stream?

The sound is made by the Finnish musician Lauri Ainala.

Artist Statement

Associating between different images and stories fascinates me. In one way or another my works often deal with forces of nature. I work with different mediums such as printmaking, animation, sound, video and installation. In animation I love the magical moment of bringing an image into life. In my earlier works I often made use of my own sleep talk recordings. With those recordings I was studying so called nocturnal consciousness and its reality. Most often my works are lyrical entities fleeing the rationality of daytime consciousness.


Web page: www.elinarantasuo.com