David Cerny

Born 1967 in Prague, Czech Republic. Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic



The four-meter-high sculpture of a super-fast hero frozen in movement as he leaves motion lines behind him captures the idea of the perfection of human body and our evolution. At the same time one can argue that the artwork is a powerful comment on the fast tempo in urban societies. The motion lines are illuminated and change color, highlighting the complexity along the way in our daily life.

About the Artist

David Cerny works in many disciplines, sculpture, installation, performance and video. In the early 90s, he got media attention when he painted a Soviet tank that served as a war memorial pink. The monument was located in Prague. This led to a political schism between the two countries and Cerny is still not welcome in Russia. His works often contain controversial elements, but can also entertain and confuse. They leave space for reflection and thoughts. Nationalism, consumption and communism are repetitive themes in David Cernys works.