David Cerny

Born 1967 in Prague, Czech Republic. Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Two red cars hang on large nails on the facade of a shopping mall. The work has various interpretations. One is that they are suspended to tenderize, a paraphrase of excessive consumption, of too much food on our tables. Another is that the sculptures look like trophies, indicating certain people’s need to boast about their social status. Or, as the artist himself explains, the idea for the cars came from a picture in which Christ’s body on the cross was no longer there, but only his hands.

About the Artist

David Cerny works in many disciplines, sculpture, installation, performance and video. In the early 90s, he got media attention when he painted a Soviet tank that served as a war memorial pink. The monument was located in Prague. This led to a political schism between the two countries and Cerny is still not welcome in Russia. His works often contain controversial elements, but can also entertain and confuse. They leave space for reflection and thoughts. Nationalism, consumption and communism are repetitive themes in David Cernys works.