Cheng Dapeng

Born 1968 in Beijing, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

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In 1990, Cheng Dapeng graduated from the architecture department at Tianjin University. He currently lives and works in Beijing. As an artist and architect, Cheng’s large installation works are based on his practical experience in architecture and design. He uses computer software to virtualize the past, present, and future of the Chinese urbanization process, and his works are fabricated in the dimension of public space. By referencing and questioning the expansion of Chinese urban construction, he highlights urban issues so often papered over by modernity. His work is full of distorted and weird forms, intense disorder, and conflicting tensions. The focus of the realities he creates is the observation of the biological absurdity of existence within the Chinese urbanization process. Thus, the viewer is compelled to compare differences and dislocations between reality and fantasy, relying on the addition of real yet unreal imagination, a mixture of figurative and abstract.

Text: Feng Boyi