Chen Zhiguang

Born 1963 in Xiamen, China. Lives and works in Fujian, China.


Age of Movement

In 1988, Chen Zhiguang graduated from the art department at Fujian Normal University. He currently lives and works in Fuzhou and Beijing. Ants made of stainless steel and lacquer have always been a favored subject in Chen’s work. The coldness of these man-made materials blend with the natural characteristics of ants, forcing us to reflect on the colony-like structure of China, especially the acts of living and moving at a time of social transformation. After these ants are modeled, enlarged, and colored, they are juxtaposed and placed in different public places, which creates visual estrangement, and even anxiety. At the same time, Chen transforms and transplants the ants into real contexts, to immense dramatic and symbolic effect. The strange appearance of these ants both symbolizes and concretizes increased material consumption in Chinese society today.

Text: Feng Boyi