Cecilia Jansson

Born 1975 in Lund, Sweden. Lives and works in Örebro, Sweden.

41 Cecilia Jansson


Video projection (duration 1 hour), sound and ornate plates from prison in a container 6-12 meters depending on space.

Now is an attempt to transfer the viewers to the corridor under the high security prison in Kumla. The corridor was decorated by artists and inmates, both recently and in the 70s. The title Now refers to the inmates’ lack of patience that I experienced while working with this decoration project.

Time moves very slowly there. They want things to happen now, not tomorrow, not the next week, but now. One of the reasons could be that they are waiting for so many things already that one more thing feels almost unbearable. The installation shows the everyday life in this long corridor that connects the buildings in the prison. You can look at some of the beautiful art made by the inmates, but if you want action, you have to learn to wait.

Artist Statement

My works deal with the value of people’s identity. I want to explore what preconceptions and prejudices are hidden in our need to put people in groups. I have made art with, for or about some of the hidden, forgotten or ignored groups in society. I want to make people consider the fact that every group is made of individuals with unique personalities. The need to put labels on people is worth investigating. What is the label good for?