Fredric Ilmarson, born 1974 in Norrköping, Sweden. Lives and works in Linköping, Sweden. Tomas Nilsson, born 1977 in Borås, Sweden. Lives and works in Värsås, Sweden. Mathias Worbin, born 1973 in Tibro, Sweden. Lives and works in Lund, Sweden.


We have the right to know!

Mixed media; 2 x 2 meter


What is it? What’s going inside? This living thing. From what does it live? You can hear music every now and then. And we have seen which TV-shows it watches, which magazines it reads. Usually, it never says hello when you meet in the street. It leaves the Christmas lights up all year round. It doesn’t want to come to barbeque. And all around town people say that there has been strange sounds. This living thing – is it supposed to be like that? It has no scent. Maybe it will become more of it, we don’t know. We can’t know. We want to know. It makes you think of all the things that you don’t have time for. And all the people that we just pass. And the cars we drive. Now it’s silent. Does it light up at night? Or is completely dark? We don’t know. But.

Artist Statement

In 1998 the artists Tomas Nilsson and Fredric Ilmarson started to send each other collage works by mail. This was a way to work together despite geographic distances. Over time it has become a symbol for how the group works – one adds something, the other one removes something and vice versa. The writer Mathias Worbin has recently joined the group. The philosophy of BiLDFOBi´s artworks is recycling, random, nothing is holy, don’t be afraid of mistakes, as this could be a way of doing something more.