Åsa Andersson

Born 1965 in Stock­holm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stock­holm, Sweden


From series: The Cherry Blossom Sanatorium

Video, objects, prints/photographs, light.

The Cherry Blossom Sanatorium is a ‘work in progress’ name for different works presented in art contexts, prose and poetry writing and illustrated talks.

Artist Statement

Raking in the autumn, I am stunned by wonder. The start of buds. Silk, wounds of resin. I barely dare to cross the ground.


Spring. Small protrusions glisten in the wind, falling down towards the source. Down there, in the soil – all these little ghosts. If I touch a blossom, quickly on its way, a pirouette, and then as I said, down. A part of me is also carried down to the source. I actually believe this. All small ghosts live in the soil.


The Cherry Blossom Sanatorium – the name appears despite the difficulty in pronouncing it. I do not know if it is intended for only blossoms, or if others can be taken in or sign up. Or if the blossoms themselves act as host? I will investigate this. They do also carry a marvellous light.


In Japan, one can find cherry blossom tea. The petals are dark pink with salt powdered around. The grains have absorbed the spring. My purchased package remains unbroken for a long time. Somebody said the tea tasted like tears.