Ana Jagodic

Born 1992 in Domžale, Slovenia. Lives and works in Domžale, Slovenia

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Faulty Goods

Plexi frame (200cm x 112,5cm x 20 cm), 78000 transparent straws, video

The video installation is made of transparent straws placed in a frame on which a black and white video is projected. The projected light caught in the straws appears like a translucent screen, visible from back and front. The projection from the monocular eye depicts itself in various shapes, transformed by a circular shape of straws as the video goes on. The video is composed from cut out clips of documentaries about machines and their production. The original sound is replaced by the sounds of typing, clock ticking and an alarm clock ringing.

Artist Statement

I work with material in a way that enhances its properties and disables its primary function. The primary function of the straw is to transfer liquid. Used in the artwork, the straw transfers light, still retaining part of its purpose. Freed from its primary function it can produce new meanings.

While walking along the street illuminated by artificial light, all kinds of shadows appear in their stillness and deformations. During the night, hardly noticeable, they disappear when colored white and appear during the day in various forms.