Amanda Karlsson

Born 1989 in Karlskoga, Sweden. Lives and works in Göte­borg, Sweden.


Brothers in Arms

Installation consisting of oil paintings and sculpture. Paintings: 180x122 cm; Sculpture: 90x60x80 cm

Brothers in arms is an expression that is common among soldiers battling on the same side in war. It’s a statement that usually expresses loyalty, friendship and a sense of belonging in brotherhood. In this installation I take this expression literally. The images in the paintings are portraits of brothers in my immediate environment. Two of them are twins, the third one is the eldest. They share the same upbringing and an ocean of memories. Growing up as siblings often means experiencing the same situations, but each individual has different kind of experiences and different perceptions of the same things.

An averted gaze can mean fear, but can also mean reverence. A turned back can mean absence, but also protection. A concealed weapon can signal safety, but also a threat. Brothers in Arms is about memories, childhood and different perceptions. In this installation, it is up to the viewer to take the position of the fourth sibling. How do you relate to your memories?

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Värmland, Sweden, surrounded by the wild, deep and almost fairytale forests. When people are shaped by the grand nature, they become fixed individuals, connected to what’s already forgotten.
I used to hate the separation from the outside world, always seeking a larger experience from life. Now, this separation is something I am constantly seeking for in my artworks.

In my works I try to create psychological scenes that explore human alienation and feelings of melancholy. The works touch upon the kind of hyper realism in which details are almost uncannily accurate, and yet strangely other-worldly. I want to capture moments from memories, often from a child’s perspective. This invites to an emotional response.

My art is not fixed, nor is it personal. It’s a creative perception that lies beyond the individual work.