Alicia Martin

Born 1964 in Madrid, Spain. Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.


Conciencia [awareness]

Books, metal frame

Alicia Martins giant book sculpture depicts a cavalcade of over 5000 books seemingly defying gravity as they are frozen in motion. By constructing the sculpture with a sturdy core and leaving the exterior rather free, the books’ loose pages are free to blow and rustle in the wind. These objects filled with knowledge receive a new life.

Artist Statement

My creative process stems from a conceptual concern and intuition; that is, the desire to produce powerful visual effects, which provoke reflections and questions about our social and cultural environment, and our relationship with the past, the present and the future.

The books represent consumption items with a universal anthropological load that conveys knowledge – the book is, thus, the symbolic mirror of human culture. Books are so much more for me, they are also a raw material – sculptural material, with an important symbolic value.