Bonjour Interactive Lab

Creative studio based in Paris. The team consist of Jean Philippe Jacquot, Alex­andre Rivaux och Gustave Bernier.

"Passage - Interactive Play" / Bonjour, interactive lab


Computer language, JAVA/programming

Data is the new way to define our digital life. But it is also what creates the past of our digital life, since we leave behind data prints every time we surf the web. A digital image of ourselves is produced this way, reflecting our behaviors, feelings or thoughts; each of our visits to the Internet, though, overrides this image with new data, creating a representation of instant moments in our lives, over and over again.

Passage is a sensitive setup that decrypts the visual and sound imprint of those who step near it. This piece is a representation of the data we leave with each and every visit to the web. The installation consists of a digital scanner placed in an immersive dark environment. Each time someone steps in the scanner’s field of detection, he or she will be scanned by the installation, which creates a frozen 3D pixel image and a unique sound imprint of the person. The image and sound will stand briefly before collapsing and leaving an empty canvas so other imprints can be created.

Artist Statement

Bonjour is a creative studio based in Paris, specialized in projects at the intersection of artistic installation, technological innovation and interactivity. The team focuses most of its efforts on generative design (both graphic & sound), human/machine interaction and tangible media, which lead Bonjour to create cross-domain experiences & interactions.