Ulrike Kessl

Born 1962 in Rottweil, Germany. Lives and works in Düssel­dorf, Germany.


Monument for Örebro

Pantyhose; 15x162 m

For OpenART I developed two site-specific installations, both made of colored nylon pantyhose. The basic element for each form are three tights that are stitched together to form a module and stretched into a circular shape. When pulled over different areas, the formations can cause substantial changes to the spatial structures. Monument for Örebro consists of a network of approximately 500 pairs of pantyhose that cover the entire facade of the City Hall in Örebro.

Artist Statement

In my work I explore the physical properties of the material. By stretching and heat molding it, I make acting forces such as pressure, stress, strain or material fatigue visible. The specific features of the pantyhose, such as form, level of transparency, color and patterns, which are intended for fashion and body contour, are re-interpreted in this context.

Garments are part of everyday life. Everyone associates them with the human body. I am interested in exploring this part of everyday life and presenting it culturally – as charged materials in unexpected contexts. Thus, I want to engage the visitors in questioning their own perceptions of garments in this new context.

Using material from the private room in the public space, my work address as well the ever-changing relationship between the private and the public.