Tapio Haapala

Born 1965 in Vantaalla, Finland. Lives and works in Kumo, Finland.



Steel, water hose, cable ties, tin plate; 200 x210x110 cm / Steel, water hose, cable ties, tin plate, height 150 cm

Aviator evokes the dream of flying. The artwork represents a young boy´s joy while playing airplanes or a falcon flying.

Thinker is a variation of Rodin´s famous sculpture built with hoses, all except for his head, which is some kind of a receiver that the figure hardly can carry.

Artist Statement

I live and work in the countryside, in peace with my own thoughts. My inspiration comes from colors and materials, and it grows organically during my working process, as one work leads to another. My works evolve from my own life as a man. I am fascinated by new techniques and at the same time I marvel, as subconsciousness and occurrence of particular events sweeps me away. I develop, plan and innovate. Incompleteness and the space in between are more intriguing than a finished result.

I use common materials available in hardware stores. Wandering around large hardware stores is one of my favorite hobbies. As an artist I pay attention to materials that interest me, especially in terms of physical qualities like color and flexibility.

In my works, hoses represent the possibility of flow and flux, essential matters of life itself. I also like the color of the hoses. Cable ties are practical for attaching hoses together and they give a nice visual effect, me of tight control.