Susanna Arwin

Born 1959 in Linköping, Sweden. Lives and works in Tjureda, Sweden.


Svenska tantens armé


Auntiness is a realized dream for a peaceful army of civil courage, bravery and peace in troubled times, a reminder of the good in man.


This work of art has been created as a tribute
to my maternal grandmother and her sisters in arms.
Those silent ones, who were there in the background,
represent an incredibly important foundation in our society.
It is my hope that this “army of aunts” on the march
will visualize the wisdom and strength of old women.
The time has come to be both seen and heard.
The new woman needs strong role models
with inner reassurance, civil courage and fundamental simplicity.
Something that I believe is there in the background, for the benefit of
the all-encompassing desire to be someone/something.
My motto is: Dare to be so usual that you become unusual
– “Auntiness”.