Guy Lorgeret

Born 1957 in Dinard, France. Lives and works in Betton, France


Installation Nomade

Installation Nomade consists of 30 characters on bicycles placed in Svartån. The characters are created from natural materials that can withstand different weather conditions. Their placement in groups and at different altitudes gives dynamism to the whole, while the wind brings movement to the work. Social and artistic interactions have always been at the center of the artist’s interest. They are a driving force in his life and interdisciplinary oeuvre.

Artist Statement

I like the moment when I can bring my objects and a place face to face. The scope of the installation and the enormous number of viewpoints it offers allows the viewer to enter into the heart of the sculpture. The individual obviously contributes to this installation. The project fits into the landscape, which does not disturb its integrity. The challenge is to integrate this foreign body in a natural environment, and to observe the work of time on its materials.

When the installation is placed in an urban environment, the element of surprise is important. The viewer is surprised because something different incurs in his daily space. The experience and the existence of the place are transformed. It becomes a public space which is new for everyone, and an artistic performance which is accessible to everyone.