Eduardo Balanza

Born 1971 in Murcia, Spain. Lives and works in Murcia, Spain.


Las Guerras Panasonicas [The Panasonic War]

Cardboard, wood, glue

With inspiration from the analog radio of the 80’s, this large-scale sculpture is a totem and an anthem for the music and the culture that emerged in African-American ghettos across the USA. This artwork encapsulates symbols like break dance, violence, cocaine, adventure, music and gangs.

Artist Statement

My work revolves around music, sounds, urban trends and technological archaeology. I work with multiple disciplines to create sculptures, photographs, videos, objects and installations, taking urban references to develop a work based on appropriation. I am influenced by music, trends, dance floors, radio broadcasting, outdated technology, tape covers, LP´s and stereos from the 80’s.

By investigating analog technology, I create visual artworks that contain sociological interpretations of the development of music culture. Over the past few years, I studied home-made mixtapes and tape covers that illustrate different types of personal music libraries.